Above: Calamari con yuca carbon, Zfood, Quito, Ecuador - Etrafoto

Restaurants of the Year

Calamari con yuca carbon, Zfood, Quito - Etrafoto

Though we’re better known for our undercover hotel reviews, we also put a great deal of effort into investigating restaurants. As at hotels, we pay full price and remain anonymous when eating out. This year, we made exciting discoveries in classic gourmet bastions as well as in locations that have more recently appeared on the gastronomic map, like Quito, Nashville and Bucharest. The list below includes the best restaurants from the past year’s travels.

Connection by Alan Bates

Copenhagen, Denmark

Hogget (lamb) from Varde Ådal, grilled with bitter leaves and morels, Connection by Alan Bates
Chefs Cedric, Alan and Oli, Connection by Alan Bates

We want to simultaneously keep Alan Bates’ 18-seat restaurant to ourselves and also tell the world. This is a very special place run by a very special chef, one of the nicest guys we’ve ever had cook for us. Only halfway through our 12-course dinner, which he delivered himself, did it dawn on us that this engaging fellow was the actual chef — such is his refreshingly humble attitude. His concept of making a connection is resonating. Since our visit, the restaurant has been recognized by Michelin, so the word is out about his spectacular French-inspired tasting menu.

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