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“The idea for this newsletter back in 1979 — to share information about peaceful and unspoiled sanctuaries with a limited and compatible group of sophisticated travelers — remains at the core of its identity today.”
“When I had time to relax, I was drawn magnetically to the immense pool or the warm waters of the tranquil Onsen Garden. Bliss.”
“Sleek and contemporary but very comfortable, our suite reminded me of the interior of a yacht.”


The best of the year

Despite everything, in 2021 we still found a surprising number of seductive hideaways that met our demanding criteria.


Best of the Italian Lakes

Each lake has its own character and set of attractions. This 13-day itinerary roughly follows our editor’s most recent trip.

Many travelers explore the Italian Lakes for three or four days on a driving tour from Milan to Venice ­— which might include stops in Bergamo, Brescia, Verona, Vicenza and Padua — and then continue south on an Adriatic cruise. But it can be highly rewarding to concentrate solely on the lakes.
— Andrew Harper
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