Above: The perfect vacation beach, Eden Rock – St Barths

Last Word: Reclaiming Vacation

Walking along the beach at Eden Rock

A spell on St. Barths returned me to the concept of a truly relaxing vacation. Members who read other American travel publications — there are a few of you, I know — may have noticed a preponderance of articles that haven’t the slightest thing to do with relaxation. For years, the fashion has turned more and more toward pieces about being a “conscious traveler” and improving either the world or yourself — preferably both. If you improve neither, well, you’re just a tourist! And being a tourist is gauche at best. 

At the risk of sounding reactionary, I encourage all Harper members to vacation exactly the way they like. If you’re feeling restless and want an adventure — a trip that makes friends say, “You’re going where and doing what?” — our Travel Office can make that happen, plus return you to a plush hideaway each evening. If you want to go somewhere glamorous and feel like a local, or explore the natural wonders of the world, our advisors are happy to help. And yes, even relaxing vacations are still in fashion at Andrew Harper. Too much travel writing demands doing this or doing that while on a trip, but sometimes, the whole point is doing nothing at all.

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Above: The perfect vacation beach, Eden Rock – St Barths

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