Above: Le Tamarin in Grand Saline - ALOIS MAILLET

Dining Out in St. Barths

Le Tamarin in Grand Saline - Alois Maillet

St. Barths may be a tiny island of less than 10 square miles, but it doesn’t suffer a lack of restaurants. In fact, it has roughly 80 to choose from! We got loads of recommendations from our hotel concierges, with Le Carl Gustaf alone sending 33 suggestions. The Andrew Harper Travel Office helped us narrow things down. We had highly enjoyable meals where we stayed, at beach clubs and these two restaurants.

Le Tamarin

Burrata with grilled watermelon, Le Tamarin - Legacy Films Agency
Lobster tart, Le Tamarin - Alois Mallet

In terms of ambience, no other restaurant can beat Tamarin, a tropical oasis situated in Grand Saline. Palms and lily-padded ponds surround a 100-year-old tamarind tree to create a lush paradise that’s the perfect place for a romantic dinner. A wooden walkway took us from the entrance through the garden to the covered seating area, where the hostess welcomed us as if this were her home and she genuinely cared that we were comfortable. We began the night with two cocktails, the mule-like Aphrodisiac Treat, with tequila, mezcal, ginger beer and cherry syrup, and an autumnal Falling Leaves, with bourbon, cognac, maple syrup and cinnamon. The highlights of our dinner were the fresh take on gazpacho, adding melons and raspberry to the tomato broth, and the Snake River Farms wagyu with jalapeño and coriander. We also enjoyed the atmosphere and the people, who were dressed to the nines and happy to be there, just like us.

Le Tamarin
Route de Saline. Tel. (590) 590-292-774

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Above: Le Tamarin in Grand Saline - ALOIS MAILLET

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