Above: Safari-style tented suite at Galapagos Safari Camp

Harper Classic: Galapagos Safari Camp

In addition to the Pikaia Lodge, the original upscale land base in the Galápagos archipelago is found on the island of Santa Cruz. I continue to recommend the Galapagos Safari Camp, which is situated in the “transition zone” between the cultivated land and the national park.

A stylish central lodge, with one wall made entirely of glass, is set at an elevation of 1,575 feet and affords an inspiring panorama of the Pacific and several adjacent islands. The interior features a large fireplace, well-stocked bookshelves, comfortable sofas and a 15-foot Balinese teak dining table. The accommodations are in nine comfortable, safari-style tented suites set on wooden decks, which come with small but well-appointed baths equipped with effective showers; a three-bedroom family suite is also available.

During our last visit, the food — Ecuadorian and international — was excellent, and the service proved consistently polite and efficient. Activities include wildlife hikes and excursions for kayaking and diving. The camp was ranked No. 9 in the “Safari” section of our 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards.

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