Above: Wine cellar, Lova Wine Bar

Bucharest Bars: Something for Everyone

Wine cellar, LOVA Wine Bar

We had a splendid time bar-hopping in Bucharest. Romania’s lively capital offers a wealth of characterful real estate that’s relatively inexpensive, giving an unusually high proportion of its bars (and restaurants) distinctive atmospheres. Many venues occupy historic mansions in various states of preservation.

Just as important, the quality of drink is high. Craft cocktails have arrived in Bucharest, and the city’s microbreweries continue to blossom. The Romanian wine industry didn’t rebound as quickly from Communist misrule as that of Hungary, Slovenia or Croatia. But menus at restaurants and wine bars sift out the chaff, highlighting delicious bottlings by small producers that are often made from unique indigenous grape varieties.

So no matter your tipple of choice, you won’t have trouble finding a memorable Bucharest bar in which to imbibe. Each of the three below is within walking distance of the InterContinental Athénée Palace.

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