Above: Exterior of the Titanic Belfast Museum

Titanic Belfast: A Museum Worthy of a Great Ship

Like many people, I am fascinated by the story of the Titanic, so when a museum dedicated to the ship’s story opened in Belfast in March 2012, a visit immediately became a priority.

Belfast is where the great liner was built by the firm Harland and Wolff, and Titanic Belfast, as it is known, sits right by the slipway where the vessel was launched in 1911. The eight-story building itself is extraordinary, with angled walls clad in anodized aluminum that recall the prows of great ships. (Some local people, however, insist that the structure looks more like an iceberg.)

A stateroom featured as part of the "Titanic Experience" at the Titanic Belfast Museum - Titanic Belfast Museum

Inside, the exhibitions are arranged in nine galleries. The history of the Titanic comes alive in its entirety, beginning with the context of Belfast as an industrial boomtown. (The city was a base for major cotton, linen, tobacco, whiskey and rope-making companies, in addition to Harland and Wolff.)

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