Above: Cala en Turqueta in Menorca

7 Best Beaches in Menorca

People who know the Balearics well consider Menorca to have the best beaches among the four islands. Some of them are long strands of silky white sand backed by dunes, while others are tucked away into coves indented into the island’s rocky shoreline. In general, the island’s northern coast is wilder than its southern one, and some of the best beaches are reachable only by boat (a service that can be arranged by most hotels).

Cala Algaiarens

Cove at Cala Algaiarens - Jorg Greuel/Stone RF/Getty Images

Nearly 10 miles northwest of Ciutadella on Menorca’s northern coast, this beautiful crescent of white sand has a smaller, emptier twin just behind the headland. Pine forests offer shade when the sun becomes too strong or you’re ready for a siesta.

Platja de Cavalleria

Platja de Cavalleria - CLHuetter/Adobe Stock

This wide, wild sandy beach is the perfect place for a swim during a day trip to the pretty port of Fornells or before a visit to the Far de Cavalleria, the northernmost lighthouse on the island. It is easily accessed by car.

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