Above: The Brando, a private island resort, French Polynesia - JOHAN DRONE ADVENTURE

What to Pack: French Polynesia

Beach, The Brando, Arue, French Polynesia - Johan Drone Adventure

Island-hopping through French Polynesia is a luxury available only to a lucky few (we’re unusually fortunate to have visited several times). In such a remote destination, it’s imperative to pack thoughtfully. And since you’ll be traveling on seaplanes and boats, you’ll want to pack light (all of our recommended properties have laundry service available). Here’s what to bring on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

For Water Activities

Orlebar Brown Bulldog Jacquard Lacuna Swim Trunks
Patagonia R0 Hooded Sun Shirt

There’s no need to lug your own scuba or snorkeling equipment, since the hotels included in our itinerary have top-of-the-line rentals. However, avid divers may be more comfortable in wet suits they already own. For snorkeling trips, we suggest a UV-rated rash guard like this option from Patagonia ($79) to avoid sunburns. Men can keep it simple with these Bulldog Jacquard Lacuna Swim Trunks from Orlebar Brown ($395).

PatBO Nightflower Beach Skirt
PatBO Nightflower Lace-Up Swimsuit

Women have plenty of stylish options for long-sleeve swimsuits, from a sporty Athleta Sun Shield One Piece ($119) to a more flamboyant option, the Solar Floral Half Zip Long Sleeve One-Piece Rashguard Swimsuit ($182) from Trina Turk. Of course, you’ll want a regular swimsuit, too. Brazilian Designer Pat Bo has some dazzling one-piece designs like this Nightflower Lace-Up Swimsuit ($350) and matching Nightflower Beach Skirt ($295).

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Above: The Brando, a private island resort, French Polynesia - JOHAN DRONE ADVENTURE