Above: On safari in Kenya - LAURA / ADOBE STOCK

Gearing Up: What to Pack for an African Safari 

To feel comfortable and relaxed on safari, it’s important to pack strategically. We’ve drawn on our numerous safari experiences to assemble a list of essentials, including luggage, clothing and cameras. Ask your Andrew Harper travel advisor about any activities that may require specialized equipment and about any medications or vaccinations that may be advisable (in certain destinations, for example, malaria prophylaxes are recommended).


Filson Medium Rugged Twill Duffle Bag

Most charter flights have restrictive weight limits. Usually this means you’ll need to pack in soft-sided luggage that can fit in the planes’ small storage compartments. A good-quality duffel bag is a must-have for any safari itinerary, and a durable one can last a lifetime. Filson is known for its first-rate work products, and its twill-and-bridle-leather duffel ($595) is no exception.

If you prefer to travel to Africa with hard-sided luggage, or if you’re coming from a cold climate with a heavy coat that you won’t need for the rest of the trip, some operators offer storage. You can repack safari necessities into a soft bag when you arrive and leave your hard-sided luggage, travel clothes or winter coats behind.

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Above: On safari in Kenya - LAURA / ADOBE STOCK

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