Above: Farmhouse at Copper Hill, Twin Farms, Vermont

Private Villas and Residences at Recommended Hotels in the U.S.

After the loosening of coronavirus restrictions in some parts of the country, we have begun to dream of new adventures. However, our expectations and requirements have shifted. When considering hotels, cleanliness has become paramount and personal space is crucial. The wish to reunite with family and friends, as well as to be outdoors in wide-open spaces, will doubtless lead many vacationers to book self-contained private villas or homes in more remote locations.

Some of our recommended hotels offer just these types of accommodations, places where guests can stay in comfort and semi-isolation. Many provide kitchens or kitchenettes, and staff can stock pantries and fridges prior to arrival. Private chefs can often be engaged. Here are 20 that provide perfect escapes.


The Lodge at Glendorn

Bradford, Pennsylvania

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Above: Farmhouse at Copper Hill, Twin Farms, Vermont