Above: A popular beach in Pescara, Italy

The lively, pastel-hued city of Pescara on the Adriatic Coast makes an enjoyable excursion during a tour ofAbruzzo. It really comes into its own during the summer, when its manylidi(beaches) fill with Italian vacationers who love spending the day at one of thestabilimenti, or private beach concessions that rent loungers, have restaurants and offer such amenities as Wi-Fi, showers and changing rooms. These lively places are the antithesis of North American beaches, where people stake out their own place with towels and chairs and spend a quiet day swimming and reading. The Italians, in contrast, love playing beach games of every variety and happily spend the day chatting animatedly with their friends and neighbors. For newcomers to Italian beach life, the best club at which to test the waters isAmmiraglia, owing to its excellent restaurant.

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