Above: Ceramics at Yria Studio in Parikia, Paros

Shopping in Paros

Many of the best shops on Paros are found in Naoussa, the most stylish town on the island, and Parikia, the capital. In addition to the boutiques listed below, it’s worth visiting the Moraitis Winery to pick up a bottle or two of its excellent Parian wines. You may also wish to buy some pungent local herbs — especially oregano and thyme — which will brighten your cooking once you get home. (Just make sure they’re packed in air-tight glass containers to satisfy the curiosity of U.S. Customs officials.)

Atelier 1935

Sandals at Atelier 1935 in Parikia, Paros - Atelier 1935

This family-owned business, founded in 1935, handcrafts its durable sandals from Cretan cowhide. With a variety of styles for men and women, they are chic, unique and comfortable.

Atelier 1935
Market Street, Parikia. Tel. (30) 228-402-7590

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