Above: A dish from Ristorante Da Ercole in Crotone, Italy

The regional kitchens of Italy are brilliantly diverse, and the Calabrian table is finally being appreciated for its unique produce and recipes. Foods typical of Calabria include bergamot, a citrus fruit grown in orchards around Reggio Calabria; sweet red onions from Tropea; caciocavallo, a tangy, salty cow’s milk cheese; hot red peppers; seafood, including swordfish, tuna, octopus and rock lobster brought in from the waters of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas; and ’nduja, a pepper-spiked pork spread. (’Nduja is now available in the United States, and La Quercia charcuterie company in Norwalk, Iowa, makes a domestic version, which is sold on Amazon and in specialty stores; it’s excellent on pasta and in scrambled eggs.)

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