Above: Gudvangen in fog

'Norway in a Nutshell' Tour

Some of the best views of the Norwegian fjords are to be had from the exceptionally well-run and coordinated “Norway in a Nutshell” tour. The daylong trip costs about $160 per person and involves three trains, a bus and a boat. The program begins at Bergen Station, where you board a Bergen Railway train to Voss. There you transfer to a bus and head down the stunning Stalheimskleiva road to Gudvangen, at the head of the Nærøyfjord. A sleek new cruiser then takes you up the Nærøyfjord — one of the narrowest fjords in Norway — and down the Aurlandsfjord to Flåm. From there, you take the Flåm Railway up the mountain to Myrdal. The 12-mile journey takes an hour and ascends over 2,625 feet. Finally, you take the express train from Myrdal back to Bergen. It is a full and utterly magical day.

Norway in a Nutshell Tour
$160 per person

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Above: Gudvangen in fog

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