Above: Dog-sledding - BRIAN GOODMAN / ADOBE STOCK

Winter at The Resort at Paws Up

Sled dogs - Brian Goodman / Adobe Stock

I’ve always enjoyed Montana in the winter, which I know sounds odd. But the combination of exhilarating outdoor adventures under an endless sky and of snowy vistas enjoyed from a cozy couch before a woodburning fireplace is sensational. During my stay at The Resort at Paws Up and its spectacularly beautiful on-site sister property, The Green O, I had a prime opportunity to enjoy all the cold-weather activities of the season.

We had only ever visited this well-known property, which is nestled within a 37,000-acre cattle ranch, during summer and fall. As we returned, fond memories came rushing back of cattle driving, fly-fishing in the same Blackfoot River waters as Brad Pitt’s character did in “A River Runs Through It,” water skiing and taking a pontoon-boat tour around the Island Lodge at Salmon Lake.  

Over the course of our week in this snowy wonderland, the resort proved itself as a magnificent year-round destination. Though we never had time to squeeze in skijoring (think water skiing but on snow and pulled by a horse) or an excursion with a single-passenger electric snowmobile called a MoonBike, we enjoyed numerous iconic winter activities. Below are my three favorites.

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Above: Dog-sledding - BRIAN GOODMAN / ADOBE STOCK

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