Above: A humpback whale seen by member Lisa Reath during a Silversea excursion - WEI DENG

Member Photo Contest

Humpback whale - Wei Deng

What a pleasure it was to go through your photo submissions! Andrew Harper members sent us a huge array of diverse pictures, depicting scenic beaches, striking wildlife, remarkable architecture and (most delightfully) images of themselves out exploring. We dedicated an hourlong meeting to choosing the winners, but we had such fun discussing the appealing entries, it ended up taking more than twice that time. Congratulations to the winning photographer, who captured an image that is at once cheerful, eye-catching and unique. He’ll receive a two-night stay at Post Ranch Inn. And additional congratulations to our runners-up, who also greatly impressed us with their pictures.

First-Place Winner

Burst of Bougainvillea, by Jeff Jones

The brilliant colors and dramatic lines in this photo taken on the Greek island of Paros are beautiful, but we particularly loved the feeling of exuberance it captured. “This truly was a serendipitous moment,” according to photographer Jeff Jones, and the joyous spontaneity depicted here exemplifies what we love about travel.

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