Above: Chew Jetty heritage site in George Town, Penang

3 George Town Sightseeing Highlights

Pinang Peranakan Mansion

Peranakan derives from a Malay word that means “descendants from a union between a local and a foreigner,” specifically Chinese immigrants and the indigenous Malay population. Peranakan culture is at the core of George Town’s identity. This museum occupies an ostentatious mansion built by a wealthy Chinese merchant in the 1890s. Its contents reveal the Peranakan people’s love of opulence. The cabinets are filled with German bisque porcelain figurines, fine British pottery and even mantel clocks made in Ansonia, Connecticut.

29 Church Street.

Protestant Cemetery

Established in 1789 and shaded by frangipani trees, this atmospheric cemetery brings the dramas of colonial history to life. An example from the tombstone of Christopher Henry Lloyd: “Superintendent of Panghore and Dindings who was murdered by a gang of Chinese robbers in the night of October 25, 1876.” The grave of Captain Francis Light, the English adventurer who, in 1786, persuaded the Sultan of Kedah to allow the island of Penang to become a protectorate of the British East India Company, is also to be found here.

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Above: Chew Jetty heritage site in George Town, Penang

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