Last Word: The Going Rate

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In recent years, I have found it increasingly difficult to provide members with reliable information about hotel prices. Once upon a time, hotels would publish an annual printed rate sheet. There came a point, however, when it became possible for properties to adjust their rates in response to market demand. The price of a room became simply what people were prepared to pay for it, and this could change almost daily.

Clearly, this practice was well established before the arrival of the pandemic, but recent events have greatly exaggerated these price fluctuations. Having read our publications, members would contact the Travel Office, only to be told that the quoted rate was no longer available. Understandably, they were often greatly displeased. So, reluctantly, I have taken the decision to replace rates with dollar signs, which may be vague but will at least give some idea of the likely level of expenditure. 

Room rates for our hotel reviews will now be designated by dollar signs as follows:

$ – Under $500  $ – $500-$1,000

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