Above: Lake Willoughby, Vermont

Just Back From: Vermont

One of our editors just returned from a 10-day trip to Vermont, where she visited five inns during a circular route around the state. While not all of the properties lived up to Andrew Harper standards, she did come back with two new recommendations. A full trip report will appear in the September issue, but we thought our members would appreciate a preview.

Overall impressions: Our past visits to Vermont were during the winter, but this time, we went in June and the weather was spectacular. Morning temperatures were in the 50s, with highs in the 70s, and everything was impossibly green. Driving down country roads, we saw landscapes dotted with red barns and flower stands, farmers markets and general stores. It took us back to another place and time — a relaxing escape from modern, technologically driven life.

Shaw's General Store, Stowe - Andrew Harper editor

Favorite moment: There’s a saying, “It’s the people, not the place,” and while Vermont has plenty to offer in terms of sightseeing, it’s the people who make it so special. One example: I had visited an old-fashioned general store in Newfane looking for a particular product. When they didn’t have it, the owner — completely unprompted — called the local hardware store for me. It stocked the item but was about to close. No worries, though! The hardware store clerk agreed to drive to the general store and drop it off for me, and I could pay for it there. It was a very Vermont moment, showing how much people care about one another and how important community is to them.

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Above: Lake Willoughby, Vermont