Above: Villa Crespi, Lake Orta

Inside Italy’s Most Sumptuous Resorts

Villa Crespi, Lake Orta

A vacation in Italy seems to be a top priority on just about everyone’s bucket list these days. Certainly, I am as susceptible as anyone to the country’s allure. Because it had been quite some time since we’d written about the Italian Lakes in the Hideaway Report, I plotted out an itinerary including no fewer than five of them. On Lake Como, I discovered a brand-new hideaway that already ranks among the top resorts in the region. Indeed, this sumptuous resort is one of the best in the entire country. I also found compelling new recommendations on Lakes Garda and Orta. All three properties lend themselves well to video, being visually striking and set amid dramatic landscapes. You might also enjoy video of my stays at two longtime Harper favorites in the Italian Lakes, the Villa Feltrinelli and L’Albereta

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