Above: Istanbul and the Bosphorus - EXPLORA_2005 / GETTY IMAGES

Last Word: Turkey In Need

Istanbul and Bosphorus - Explora_2005 / Getty Images

Turkey has captivated me ever since my first visit many years ago, when our guide took us inside a cave chapel in Cappadocia and softly sang as we inspected its ancient frescoes. I know I’m hardly alone when I say that my heart broke as I followed the aftermath of the disastrous earthquake in southeastern Turkey and northern Syria. The immense human toll is barely fathomable. We at Andrew Harper have been seeking out ways to help, and help will surely still be needed long after the publication of this article. We have aligned with Direct Relief, which provides emergency medical assistance and disaster relief in the United States and internationally. You can be part of that effort by making a tax-deductible donation at Direct Relief

Although most regions of interest to foreign visitors were undamaged by the earthquake, it wouldn’t be surprising if tourism to Turkey now dropped off, harming its economy yet further. But now is precisely when Turkey needs travelers. We help keep hotels, restaurants, touring companies and shops in business, all of which provide much-needed employment. An unforgettable vacation that supports Turkish people is a win-win, and I look forward to returning at the earliest opportunity.

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Above: Istanbul and the Bosphorus - EXPLORA_2005 / GETTY IMAGES