Above: Hotel Union Øye, Øye - THOMAS EKSRØM

Hotel Union Øye: A Norway Classic Reinvented

Hotel Union Øye, Øye - Thomas Ekstrøm

The historic Hotel Union Øye is located in the small village of Øye, Norway, surrounded by the scenic grandeur of the Norangsfjord and Sunnmøre Alps. Dating from 1891, the property has welcomed an eclectic clientele of royalty, artists, writers and climbers, with notable guests having included the likes of Kaiser Wilhelm II, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Karen Blixen. In June, the hotel will reopen after a two-year $34 million development program that has seen the number of accommodations increase from 29 to 38, including three new suites in an extension to the original manor house.

Located by the remote and beautiful Norangsfjord, Hotel Union Øye - Simon Sjøkvist
Renovated accommodations, Hotel Union Øye, Øye, Norway - Simon Sjøkvist

Additions and improvements have also been made to the conservatory, palm garden, library and wine room. And a 1-acre landscaped park now contains a gazebo, pond and kitchen garden. Lodgings feature rich fabrics, period furnishings and unique memorabilia and antiques, while the public areas are adorned with ornate chandeliers and distinctive artwork. Exceptional cuisine employing locally sourced ingredients is offered in the Sun Lounge by servers wearing traditional Norwegian dress. Activities include “sea safaris” through the Hjørundfjord and hikes to the summit of 5,100-foot Mount Slogen. A stay here is not just an experience of magnificent scenery, but also a journey back in time to a world of privileged 19th-century leisure. 

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Above: Hotel Union Øye, Øye - THOMAS EKSRØM