Above: The Essence of Shangri-La diffuser set

Hotels' Signature Scents — and How to Bring Them Home

Walk into a hotel, and the first thing you notice may not be the décor or the floral arrangements but the scent. Some of the world’s finest hotels are perfumed with bespoke fragrances that are as integral to their brand as the choice of toiletries stocked in their baths.

Fragrance branding firms like New York-based Air Aroma have created signature scents for numerous luxury hotels. But why does scent matter? It all comes down to creating a unique experience for hotel guests.

“We’re creating a lasting memory,” says Air Aroma account manager Carly Fowler. “Scent has the ability to directly influence how a hotel is perceived and remembered. From the moment guests arrive, they want to feel that their experience is special.”

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Above: The Essence of Shangri-La diffuser set