Above: Beach deck at Sip Sip on Harbour Island, Bahamas

Eating Well on Harbour Island

It would be a stretch to describe the Bahamas‘ Harbour Island as a gastronomic hot spot — a well-known food critic of my acquaintance once remarked, “Lovely place, shame there’s nothing to eat” — but in fact it’s possible to dine agreeably at contrasting restaurants, which range in style from formal to sand-in-the-shoes casual. Most visitors seem equally at home with both simple and sophisticated, and even the owners of the gazillion-dollar yachts anchored out in the bay can be found at lunchtime eating conch salad off plastic plates, washed down with a local Kalik beer.

The Landing

The most obvious choice for dinner in gracious and traditional surroundings is the Landing, a restaurant that is part of a 13-room hotel of the same name, housed by a colonial building with an atmospheric interior that is the work of well-known designer India Hicks. Located on Bay Street, overlooking the harbor, three minutes’ walk from Bahama House, the Landing is at the epicenter of the island’s social scene. Unsurprisingly, the menu emphasizes local fish and seafood; the cooking is enjoyable if not exactly stellar.

The Landing
Tel. (242) 333-2707

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