Above: Dining room, Zfood - ETRAFOTO / GABRIEL GONZALEX

Four Restaurants in Gourmet Quito

Dining room, Zfood - Etrafoto / Gabriel Gonzalez

In Ecuador’s energetic capital city, the dining scene is an appealing fusion of tradition and modernity. Myriad restaurants, often in beautifully restored historic buildings, beckon with their combination of Andean heritage and international flair. Below are a few of our favorite finds from our most recent trip.

Carmine Gastronomía & Arte

Dining terrace, Carmine Gastronomía & Arte - Andrew Harper editor
Mare y mare seafood plate with tuna, scallops, salmon and prawns, Carmine Gastronom■a & Arte - Andrew Harper editor

It may seem peculiar to make reservations at an Italian restaurant in Quito. Why would we trade Ecuadorian specialties for a hearty meal of linguine alle vongole and chicken Milanese? It’s because the cuisine at this romantic restaurant, located within a beautifully restored colonial house nestled in immaculately maintained gardens, is indisputably delectable. We are still craving the coquille, a gratin of stone crab and shrimp with Pernod-infused cream and mozzarella. The staff was at times overattentive, but that is always preferable to the alternative. We struck up conversations with the restaurant owners and chefs at the two tables next to us, as we all relaxed over espressos and complimentary limoncello digestifs. Closed Sunday dinner.

Carmine Gastronomía & Arte
Catalina Aldaz 34-208 y Portugal. Tel. (593) 2-333-2829

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Above: Dining room, Zfood - ETRAFOTO / GABRIEL GONZALEX

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