Above: Dining room, L'Olivio, Anacapri - GUIDO FUA' / EIKONA

Five Favorite Capri Restaurants

Dining area, L'Olivio - Guido Fua'/Eikona

Capri gave the world a dish that has become an international favorite: insalata caprese, a salad of fresh tomatoes and mozzarella garnished with fresh basil leaves and a streak of olive oil. This recipe typifies the island’s simple, delicious cooking. Here, vegetables and seafood have pride of place, and the local lemon trees contribute fruit used in sauces, vinaigrettes, ice cream and pastries (and the leaves are used to wrap fresh mozzarella before the cheese is grilled).

In short, dining is a great pleasure on this fashionable little island. Here are five of our favorite recent restaurant discoveries on Capri.


Tuna belly with jalapeño, cucumbers and buffalo yogurt, L'Olivio - Alberto Blasetti

Capri dining is usually pleasantly casual, but if you want more ambitious cuisine in an elegant setting, the Michelin two-star L’Olivo at Capri Palace Jumeirah hotel in Anacapri is a great choice. The mostly white dining room has gorgeous views, and chef Andrea Migliaccio is a native of the neighboring island of Ischia, which gives him a deep mastery of local produce and recipes. His signature dish is homemade tagliolini pasta with burrata cheese, red prawns, sea asparagus and a spritz of local lemon juice. Other great menu items here include bottoni pasta with lobster, smoked eggplant, watermelon and mint; and king crab with brioche, avocado, grapes and gin.

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Above: Dining room, L'Olivio, Anacapri - GUIDO FUA' / EIKONA

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