Above: 1862 Dry Bar in Madrid, Spain

5 Not-to-Miss Bars in Madrid

Madrid has become a cocktail-loving town, with venues ranging from old-fashioned tascas (taverns) to hip new bars. These are the spots we enjoyed most on our recent trip.

1862 Dry Bar

The Mary Pickford cocktail from 1862 Dry Bar in Madrid, Spain - Mayte EsbrîBarman Alberto Martinez serves perfectly made classic cocktails at this popular spot in Triball, one of Madrid’s liveliest nightlife districts. Its name pays tribute to the year when the first book of cocktail recipes was published, “The Bon Vivant’s Companion or How to Mix Drinks,” by American mixologist “Professor” Jerry Thomas.

1862 Dry Bar
Calle del Pez 27. Tel. (34) 60-953-1151

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