Above: View of the old town center of Korčula

Exploring Croatia's Exquisite Dalmatian Coast

The Mediterranean has more than its fair share of beautiful coastlines, but few are as stupendously scenic as the coast of Croatia. There, rugged limestone mountains, lined with terraced vineyards and olive groves (some thousands of years old), plunge into the sea. Green archipelagoes stand just offshore for most of its length, and defensible peninsulas and islands shelter well-preserved medieval towns.

Many of the more important buildings on the coast display Venetian-Gothic flourishes, a reminder of when Venice ruled the Adriatic.

The most glamorous way to explore Croatia’s coast continues to be by yacht charter, because true luxury hideaways are still rare. But for those who prefer staying in hotels, it’s possible to construct a memorable itinerary between Split and Dubrovnik, staying in comfort throughout. Both cities have air connections to several major European gateway cities, making them easier to reach than ever.

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