Departing Grenada in Style

The more air travel becomes like mass transit, the more I seek out any reasonably affordable way to make the experience slightly more pleasant. As I recently discovered, the IAM Jet Centre in Grenada’s airport makes waiting for a flight much more agreeable.

I learned of the IAM Jet Centre from the Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel, which offers access to it for $130 per person for those arriving and $90 per person for those departing. The main benefit for arriving passengers is bypassing lengthy immigration lines. Silversands includes access to a fast-track line as part of its complimentary transfer service, but for guests staying at other resorts, the Jet Centre seems worth the money.

We tried it on our departure. After our driver dropped us off at the airport, I spotted a woman wearing a yellow Jet Centre vest. She looked at me and asked, are you Mr. _______? She was already expecting us, and after we checked in at the airline counter, she led us straight to the Jet Centre.

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