Above: Idyllic beach at The Cove in Eleuthera

Contrasting Bahamas Resorts

A sliver of land 110 miles long and often no more than a mile wide, Eleuthera lies an hour by turboprop southeast of Miami. A few minutes’ drive from North Eleuthera Airport, at the so-called “Glass Window Bridge,” the island narrows to the width of the road. On the Atlantic side, the water is a deep and restless sapphire blue, while to the west, it is a luminous expanse of aquamarine, scarcely disturbed by a ripple. For me, the exquisite and infinitely varied colors of the sea are among the perennial pleasures of the Bahamas.

The Cove

The primary purpose of my trip was to stay at The Cove, a secluded 57-room resort acquired in April by the Arizona-based Enchantment Group. (The company’s portfolio includes Enchantment Resort in Sedona — which I have long recommended — and the Tides Inn, a well-known property on Chesapeake Bay.) The previous owner, Sidney D. Torres IV, an entrepreneur from New Orleans, had carried out an ambitious multimillion-dollar renovation in 2012.

View of The Cove’s 40-acre setting

After a painless 20-minute taxi ride from the airport, we were ushered into the resort’s stark white reception area. Set at the summit of a small hill, it had expansive windows affording a view over much of the 40-acre property. For a few moments, we gazed across lush grounds that sloped down to a rocky point separating two splendid white-sand coves. The situation seemed close to perfect. Having been checked in by a friendly staff member, we were driven in a golf cart down to our Caribbean Cove Suite. At this resort, you really should spend the extra money for a view of (and direct access to) the sands and the sea. Some lower room categories are uncomfortably cramped, and most look out onto lawns and tropical vegetation. The more lavish accommodations, however, are spacious, stylish and well-appointed. The aesthetic is minimalist, consisting of white walls, white sofas, sisal matting on marble floors and contemporary pale-wood furniture. Given the tropical setting, our suite felt cool and uncluttered rather than austere. The marble-lined bath was well-lit and well-equipped. Master Caribbean Cove Suites provide oval tubs and outdoor showers. The most desirable accommodations are the 1 Bed Beach Villas and the two three-bedroom villas. The latter come with private pools and full kitchens, and hence are ideal for families.

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Above: Idyllic beach at The Cove in Eleuthera