The American Safari

Before the European colonization of North America, the region had a wildlife migration that rivaled the Serengeti in Africa. Millions of bison, antelopes, elk and deer roamed the plains, hunted by packs of wolves or lone jaguars. While the fencing off of the American West diminished the spectacle, there are still places you can get a glimpse of its former glory.

If you’re looking for a top-notch wildlife experience without the long international flight, consider some of these properties for your next American safari.

1. The Resort at Paws Up, Montana

River Camp tent exterior - The Resort at Paws Up

Set on a 37,000-acre working ranch in Montana, The Resort at Paws Up is well-known for its luxury safari tents. Traditional plains species are more limited, but you can participate in a cattle drive to get a real Western experience.

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