Above: Flight to the Maldives - PAUL PRESCOTT / GETTY IMAGES

Andrew Harper’s Air Desk

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We are pleased to say that ever more members have come to appreciate the benefits of booking air tickets through the Travel Office. Our Air Desk staff supports the travel advisors, working behind the scenes to make sure that all flight bookings proceed as smoothly as possible. Their expertise is especially helpful when airlines change their schedules — an all-too-frequent occurrence nowadays — or when flights are canceled. When an itinerary includes more than one airline, the Air Desk seeks out partner carriers to eliminate the need to claim bags and recheck them.

One Andrew Harper member was especially pleased with a vacation organized by her Andrew Harper travel advisor, who “did an excellent job of putting together a beautiful trip to Florence and Tuscany. Friends accompanied us, and she did a great job of working with them on our air itinerary and even the seat assignments for the four of us.” Another member expressed gratitude that our team proactively offered alternative airline and routing options so that she could relax during her layover, rather than having to transfer her luggage between airlines that do not have baggage agreements.

Whatever your itinerary, it is important to have someone with a real understanding of the airline business watching out for your interests. For seamless and stress-free air travel, contact our Air Desk at (800) 375-4685 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. CT. Members who book flights with us also have access to an after-hours emergency line.

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Above: Flight to the Maldives - PAUL PRESCOTT / GETTY IMAGES