Above: A crimson-rumped toucanet near Mashpi Lodge in Calacali, Ecuador

13 Exceptional Hotels for Bird-watching

If you are among the 60 million Americans who enjoy bird-watching, you’ll be happy to know that there is no shortage of luxurious retreats located in significant birding spots across the globe. Many of them have on-site naturalists or connections to guides who will train their scopes on rare species for their guests. But though the thought of vacationing amid bright feathered beings is cheering, it is also the case that 14 percent of all bird species are endangered. Many of the hotels on this list are helping with conservation efforts, which makes your patronage even more significant.

The Mark

New York City

The Mark in New York City - Francesco Tonelli
A scarlet tanager in Central Park near The Mark in New York City - Bmajoros/Wikimedia

Grab your picnic basket from the on-site Jean-Georges restaurant, hop on a custom bike from The Mark, and pedal into Central Park for a migratory extravaganza every autumn and spring. The 843-acre park has offered respite to more than 280 species, and it’s a short block’s journey from the 150-room hotel to the park’s premier birding spot, The Ramble, a set of wooded hills that offer insects and cover to woodpeckers and passerines of all kinds — chestnut-sided warblers, scarlet tanagers, indigo buntings.

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Above: A crimson-rumped toucanet near Mashpi Lodge in Calacali, Ecuador