Itinerary Highlights

  • Go on a guided jungle hike in Costa Rica
  • Take an unforgettable ultralight plane flight over the countryside
  • Visit the colonial city of Granada and shop for crafts
  • Do yoga, visit the spa, drive an ATV or just relax at our highest rated resort in Central America

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Editor’s Itinerary

Central America
Duration: 13 Days

When visiting Central America, many people understandably concentrate on just one country. But there’s no reason not to combine two or more, as I did on my most recent trip to the region. I started in Costa Rica, trying out a new resort in the interior as well as an ecolodge along the coast, and finished in Nicaragua at Nekupe, the most luxurious new property in all of Central America.

Certainly you could just do the Costa Rica section of the itinerary below for a short getaway, or add more time by including another resort or two. You could also extend your time in Nicaragua by combining Nekupe with any (or all) of my other recommended hotels in the country. Honestly, I would be happy to spend a week just at Nekupe, especially with a group of family or friends. Nicaragua sounds daunting to some, I realize, but the country is stupendously beautiful. If you like Costa Rica but sometimes find it too touristy, you’ll love Nicaragua.