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Editor’s Itinerary

Andalusia & the Costa del Sol
Duration: 13 Days

Although Spain’s Costa del Sol — the aptly named “Coast of the Sun” — has long been popular with northern Europeans, it doesn’t often figure on the itineraries of Americans, who understandably visit beaches closer to home. But nowadays, there is much more to the Costa del Sol than sun, sand and golf. We had the chance to visit the region before pandemic lockdowns took hold and discovered charming hotels, superb restaurants and an array of impressive art museums. The 13-day itinerary below includes the best of the Costa del Sol, as well as three of my favorite hotels in the scenic inland countryside of Andalusia, forming a wonderful oval of a driving tour. It’s possible to incorporate the famous cities of Seville and Granada into this itinerary, which I recommend doing if you haven’t visited the region before. But those who have already toured the Alcázar and the Alhambra will find ample reason to return to Andalusia in this suggested routing. On my latest journey, I had time only for the Costa del Sol, but had I been on vacation, this is the itinerary I would have planned.

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