Itinerary Highlights

  • Stay in private villas at Indonesia’s leading spa resorts
  • Experience a “spa safari” in a pavilion overlooking the Indian Ocean
  • Explore multiple UNESCO World Heritage sites, including holy temples and sculptured rice terraces
  • Learn about Indonesian and Javanese cuisine through high-end dining experiences
  • Participate in guided hikes to waterfalls, volcanoes and national parks
  • Paddleboard along the Wanukaka River
  • Visit Ubud, Bali’s cultural capital

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Editor’s Itinerary

Duration: 2 Weeks

A Soul-Soothing Rainforest Escape

Indonesia is a country that remains surprisingly little known. Virtually everyone has heard of Bali, but few people realize that there are 17,507 other islands, which make up an archipelago 3,275 miles wide. (For context, it is 2,446 miles from New York to Los Angeles.) Indonesia is the world’s fourth-most-populous nation, with about 261 million inhabitants. And its biodiversity is second only to that of Brazil's. In the far east of the country, in the Papua province, there are still animist tribal groups, such as the Yali people, whose way of life has changed little since the Stone Age. In contrast, the country’s capital, Jakarta, is a vast sprawl of concrete high-rise buildings.

Despite having some of the world’s best scuba diving — in the exquisite Raja Ampat Islands — and exotic wildlife that includes the Komodo dragon and numerous birds of paradise, most of Indonesia receives few tourists. The country has a limited number of upscale hotels, and much of the archipelago is still best explored by boat. Wherever you go, one of the most consistent pleasures of a visit is the food. Indonesian cuisine is complex, vibrant and almost infinitely varied.

This itinerary combines relaxation, adventure and cultural interest. After a period of recuperation in Bali, you will head to the remote island of Sumba for an extended stay at a remarkable new hideaway. There, you can surf, fish, ride and hike, as well as lounge by the pool. On your return to Bali, you will transfer to one of the world’s leading spa resorts. The journey concludes in Java, where you will have the opportunity to visit one of the world’s great cultural monuments: the Buddhist temple complex of Borobudur.