Itinerary Highlights

  • Stroll around Copenhagen’s picturesque Nyhavn canal yacht harbor
  • Sample New Nordic cuisine at Michelin-starred restaurants
  • Wander through one of the oldest districts in Gothenburg
  • Walk Stockholm’s Gamla Stan (Old Town)
  • Explore Stockholm’s extraordinarily scenic archipelago
  • See the major cultural sites of Oslo
  • Take a 310-mile rail journey from Oslo to Bergen

Follow in Our Footsteps

Editor’s Itinerary

Denmark, Sweden and Norway
Duration: 2 Weeks

Scandinavia’s capital cities regularly top surveys of the world’s most agreeable places in which to live. Clean, safe and well-organized, they are constructed on a human scale, with an appealing mix of handsome old buildings and striking contemporary architecture.

Modern public transport, fine museums, lively cafés, distinctive restaurants, colorful parks and scenic waterfront promenades all add to their considerable appeal. And thanks to enlightened environmental policies, the harbors of Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo become giant open-air swimming pools each summer.

Although Scandinavian roads are excellent, it can be more relaxing to take advantage of the region’s high-speed rail network. And while Norway is blessed with spectacular mountain scenery, much of southern Sweden is flat, heavily forested and a rather tedious landscape through which to drive.