Itinerary Highlights

  • Explore Coptic Cairo, with its Babylon Fortress and historic churches
  • Shop at the atmospheric Khan el-Khalili bazaar
  • See the iconic pyramids and the Sphinx in Giza
  • Tour the Egyptian Museum in Cairo
  • Take in a view of the Nile from the Sofitel Legend Old Cataract
  • Visit sites in Aswan, including the Tombs of the Nobles
  • Go to Abu Simbel to see the Great Temple of Ramses II
  • Take an unforgettable cruise on the Nile
  • Enjoy an excursion to Dahshur, home of the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid

Follow in Our Footsteps

Editor’s Itinerary

Duration: 13 Days

Our editorial forays are usually quite fast-paced, but sometimes a trip follows a schedule that a leisure traveler would also enjoy. In any case, most American visitors to Egypt prefer a relatively busy schedule, because most Americans explore this richly historic country only once. Multiple visits are also worthwhile, I assure you — I look forward to returning to Egypt yet again to see the new Grand Egyptian Museum, the lakes of Fayoum, the World War II battlefield at El Alamein and the remote Siwa Oasis, among other destinations.

But on my most recent trip, I followed an itinerary ideal for the first-time traveler to Egypt. It includes a Nile cruise, additional nights in the picturesque cities of Luxor and Aswan and ample opportunity to explore the historic treasures in and around Cairo. Those with the time could gainfully extend the journey with a visit to Israel or Petra in Jordan.

Many friends and family members expressed surprise that I was headed to Egypt, considering the times. But as I discovered, now is an ideal moment to tour the country. We found hotels, restaurants and shops all to be operating normally and monuments and museums to be mostly uncrowded. Seeing some of the world’s most impressive and famous ancient wonders free from the usual hordes was unforgettable. Indeed, I can’t imagine a better time to go to Egypt.

Of course, this itinerary can be easily customized. One of our expert travel advisors will be happy to assist with additional recommendations and make all the necessary bookings.