Copenhagen is an appealing and stylish city, with handsome cobbled squares and copper-roofed townhouses complemented by elegant modern architecture. Nearly everyone speaks English. Numerous fine restaurants — the city usually boasts around a dozen with Michelin stars — serve delicious cuisine employing superb local fish and produce. Copenhagen is famously pedestrian-friendly, and few cities have made life as easy for cyclists. On warm summer days, dozens of people can be seen swimming in the harbor in front of the Opera House. The city has several classic attractions to commend it, including Amalienborg Palace and the Strøget promenade. Our two favorite museums are the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (for sculpture and painting) and Designmuseum Danmark (for decorative art and design). The summer Copenhagen Jazz Festival is one of the best such events in the world. Copenhagen connects to southern Sweden via the 5-mile Øresund Bridge. 

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