Lindblad Expeditions goes to the most amazing places on the planet. With over 40 geographies, it is deeply commited to remote wild places — like South Georgia and the Falklands; Patagonia, where it opened up Staten Island for eco-tourism; and remote, beautiful regions of Polynesia, including the Marquesas Islands, where few go.

Experienced expedition leaders create unprecedented opportunities and unforgettable experiences for guests, whether it’s manning the spotting scopes all night to ensure a polar bear sighting, orchestrating a landing at a wildlife site to coincide with a sunrise, or sending waitstaff out with gourmet ice cream bars as guests explore a Polynesian atoll, Lindblad's commitment creates thrilling moments from start to finish.

Whether daily adventures take place on land or sea, guests return to a ship that provides best-in-class service and an atmosphere that helps foster authentic connections at every turn. Enjoy luxurious amenities, spacious modern suites, indoor-outdoor dining, a pool, and rebuilt stabilizer for smooth, quiet sailing.

Member Benefits

  • $150 shipboard credit per cabin, applicable for 2024 departures of Sea Cloud II and Lindblad Expeditions-owned ships only (Exclusion apply)ed ships only and 2024 departures of Sea Cloud II

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