Above: The Bank Collection, fine Italian luggage from FPM Milano

Our New Online Shopping Boutique


We’re always looking for ways to improve the Andrew Harper experience, and recent efforts have included expanding our Travel Office’s hours and adding a hotel-booking tool to our website. Now we’re excited to share new online shopping options that assemble a few things we love. Some of these items are already popular with members, and the new web pages (see the new “Shop” drop-down menu at the top of our website) will make purchasing products that much easier. But the selection will also include a surprise or two.

The Andrew Harper Collection

Set of Andrew Harper Collection guidebooks

Our redesigned set of Collection books, encompassing all of our hotel recommendations, most of our restaurant recommendations and hundreds of insider travel tips, has been a hit with members. Since its February release, numerous digital-only readers have upgraded to print memberships, and we’ve been pleased to receive requests from those who wish to purchase additional Collection sets to give as gifts, which is even easier via our new shopping page.

FPM Milano Luggage

Bank Collection, FPM Milano

The favorite country of Andrew Harper members is Italy, and when pressed to choose, it’s ours too. It seemed only sensible, then, to partner with an Italian luggage maker. Our editor-in-chief travels with FPM Milano-crafted pieces, which look at once high-end but understated, combining aluminum and leather to great effect. Its classic-yet-stylish design whispers rather than shouts “luxury,” quite like many of our favorite hotels and resorts. And because our online boutique is accessible to members only, we’re able to offer special pricing on FPM luggage.

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Above: The Bank Collection, fine Italian luggage from FPM Milano