In Buenos Aires, it is not difficult to fancy yourself in Paris, owing to the broad boulevards, tree-shaded squares and grand neoclassical buildings. The city is at its most beautiful when the purple jacaranda blooms in November. This is also the time of the famous Argentine Open polo tournament, which draws aficionados from around the world and remains the highlight of the country’s social calendar. After Christmas, many of the wealthier citizens escape the city’s humidity by migrating to the seaside at Punta del Este across the Río de la Plata in neighboring Uruguay. Buenos Aires is relatively safe, certainly when compared with many other South American cities, but it is sensible to use Uber, not a plain street cab, when traveling after dark. The most elegant and fashionable district is La Recoleta, in particular the area roughly defined by the two parallel avenues of Posadas and Alvear. These extend from Carlos Pellegrini Square (home to the hyperexclusive Jockey Club) to the leafy enclave of Recoleta Cemetery (the final resting place of Eva Perón).

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